FDL School District

FDL School District

The Fond du Lac School District includes the K-12 Ojibwe School and the Fond du Lac FACE Program. The District page provide information about the School Board, District Policies & Procedures, the FACE Program, and a complete Staff Listing.

School Board

The Fond du Lac District School Board is comprised of six (6) members and meets on the first Tuesday of each month.


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Policies & Procedures

Visit this page to see all Fond du Lac School District Policies, Procedures, and other important documents.


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FACE Program

Family and Child Education (FACE) was initiated in 1990, and currently has programs in 49 Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) funded schools. It was designed as a family literacy program; an integrated model for an early childhood/parental involvement program for American Indian families in BIE-funded schools.


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Staff Listing

The Fond du Lac School District employs over 80 teaching, administrative, and support staff members.

To contact a staff member, please call the school reception desk at (218) 878-7276.


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